'wand kast object' – till 27/02
an exhibition by
Lennart de Neef & Britte Koolen
met begeleidende haiku's van
Pim Tieland

klok, planeten, bril
zelf word ik er blij van, want
alles staat nu goed

kijkend naar mezelf
is de spiegel ook in mij
voor een ogenblik

hoeveel heb je nodig
voor herkenning? hoeveel daarvan
zit er in je hoofd?


'I have to recalibrate who you are to me'
an exhibition by
Ischa Kempka & Casper de Jong

Google already knows what you’ll be eating tomorrow, while you’re catfishing someone else.
A search engine that plants trees when you use it, which will be felled for a product another website is selling you. In ‘I have to recalibrate who you are to me’ Casper de Jong and Ischa Kempka delve into contradictions in a digital world. Mobile phones, lighting up on fake green grass, with here and there a hidden … as a reference to the tension between nature and technology. Reliefs with symbols that display the internet as something religious, made in ceramics. An old material that eternalizes a volatile online world. De Jong and Kempka conceal philosophical questions about the digital age in subtile works, with a hint here and there that leads you into a certain thinking pattern. A true story fairy tale, in which parts of our digital behavior are elaborated, to reflect on usual manner.

portraits by Scott Gorman